This concept of "resolving duality" reminds me a lot of that part from Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2 where Superman is only able to access the higher dimension where the Monitors live after Captain Adam merges his essence with Ultraman's. Adam even says "There are no Dualities. Only symmetries."

Love the idea of Superman Red having his own Authority team featuring the original members, but with Jon and Damian replacing Apollo and Midnighter. It just makes me wish this mini had been published as an out-of-continuity Black Label book, and that it got a proper sequel, even if you weren't willing to write it yourself.

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These annotations have been a real highlight! I hope they're as much fun for you as they are for us. If for no other reason than that you'll do more. Reminds me of the Fatman on Batman interviews or the enormous 10-part All-Star Superman one. Can I recommend a Green Lantern one next?

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Spider-Man, Spider-Man & Spider-Man —

Worst Law-firm •ever•……

(They are so •unlucky•….)

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Oh, •that•’s why it’s called ‘Batman Inc.’….

This Looks Like a Job for Superman, Superman and Superman…..

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“I could see Phillip visibly recoil, and I promised to change the ending so as not to commit him to all the implications of a divided man of Steel impinging on a story he’d been meticulously building and setting in motion.“

Nah, it’s the politics of it :

Lucifer’s sin (in the Islamic Tradition) was that He loved God too much to bow to an Inferior being : He’s a conservative.

He’s True Blue.

The Iceberg Lounge is but The Outer Court, and it is full of Policemen.

Sheep & Goats :

Michael is Red, Spock is Blue.

Blue is the colour of Smoke,

Red is…. we all know.

D******d/Lucifer/The Great Darkness is Blue-Black, and Sinestro is Left-Handed.

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Point of Order : Exactly when Did Bruce Wayne legally adopt Damian? And how does he explain it to the press.

Because that isn’t his surname — Bruce never married his mother.

That’s why he ends up killing Tim/letting him die in The/a Future.

When one of those Gotham socialite asks Damian “How can I get Dick Grayson to notice me?”, I immediately knew The Answer : Start Juggling.

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This was much fun Grant - thank you!

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Oh, and there is an interview Joe Kelley gives on the extras for Superman vs. The Elite, where he basically says that Manchester Black is Superman's Left-Brain Shadow -- That's why (like Q.), when he chose his weapon, he chose THE MIND, whereas Superman has to resort to face-punching The Hat, who is an innocent bystander in that moment.

"You were looking for a way to Change Your Life.

You could not DO This on your own.

All the ways you WISH you could be,

that's ME.

I look like you wanna look,

f*** like you wanna f***,

I am smart, capable and, most importantly,

I'm FREE in all the ways that You are NOT.

People do it every day.

They talk to themselves.

They see themselves as they'd LIKE to be --

They just don't have the courage YOU have, to just RUN with it.

Naturally, you're still wrestling with it,

so sometimes you're still you.

Other times, you imagine yourself watching me.

Little by little, you're just letting yourself become...

Manchester Black."

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"My suggestion was we split Superman not into Superman Red/Superman Blue but Superman Left/Superman Right" -- But... That's who Manchester Black IS.

They have the same haircut!!

I read Action Comics 775 and S&TA #1 symltaneously, whilst watching Superman III and Superman vs. The Elite.

And I remember The Valeyard and The Dream Lord from Doctor Who.

Good Show, Toby Jones, BTW.

And I remember why Buffy The Vampire REALLY dislikes Faith, The Vampire Slayer

"There are VERY FEW People I intruitively DISLIKE and you've always been ONE of them..."

Well, why should that possibly be....? Who could Superman possibly NOT Like, and WHY....?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious -- In Action 775, Black is TOTALLY taken aback that Superman *isn't* grateful to him for what he is doing... And he correctly notes immediately that, just like Gandalf and Saruman, Superman is jealous of HIM.

Superman wants to kill people, often, but he doesn't.

Superman wants to drink whiskey, but he doesn't.

Superman (maybe, probably) fantasises about sleeping around a bit, but he doesn't/

Superman would like to lose control once in while, but he CAN'T

Superman knows that many people are afraid of him, and he hates that -- Black RELISHES it.

In the words of Elliot P. Dowd : There's a little Envy in The Best of Us.

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Ricky Lang : Excuse me. Superman?

It's me, Ricky.

Ricky from Smallville.

Tell them you won't hurt anybody.

Lana Lang : He's changed.

Ricky Lang : No. Maybe he's just sick.

Superman, please get better.

Lana Lang : He's •not• listening to you.

Ricky Lang : Yes, he IS. He can HEAR me.

He's got SUPER-hearing.

Superman, you're just in a slump.

You'll be GREAT again.

You can do it, Superman.

Superman, you can

hear me, can't you?

Superman, you're just in a slump.

You'll be great again.

You can do it, Superman.

Superman, you •can•

hear me, can't you?

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When Manchester is shouting at Superman in issue 1 about turning him into a Mutant cripple in a wheelchair, if you cover up the left side of his face, he looks EXACTLY like Cassandra Nova.

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This is a tad off topic, but there must be hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people dying to hear the G. Morrison review of The Batman.

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Oof, Superman Left, Superman Right would have been a magnificent parody of the concept! Guarentee someone is stealing that idea now!

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