These notes on MULTIVERSITY are a delight!!

However, as DC’s former head of Marketing, I would love to have known ALL OF THIS when we were trying to sell the book.

The abyss that exists between comics editorial and the rest of the organization is crippling…

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HA! I love it...! "Klyzyzk Klzntplkzs's" Gun refers to the writing principle that if the 5th-demsional gun-rifle is introduced in chapter 1 hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.

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The entirety of the Multiversity is a stand out, and The Just is worth every page of gorgeous melodrama.

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Mike Carlin : “Well, why don’t we just KILL HIM....?”

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My Generation -- Generation-X --

KILLED Superman.....

....because we •couldn’t• think of

anything •better• to do...

• Here’s to The Cold War;

• Here’s to Peace;

• And to Those That Get in The Way of It....

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