I keep reading these even though I haven’t read the comic, and I’m still entertained. Gotta seek out the book soon though.

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I suspect that if/when Superman was a romance comic and if Apollo and Midnighter's relationship was mentioned only in passing, that these "critics" would still have a problem with it. That's because they are not critics, they are bigots.

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The Second Half of The Joke, of course, is :

“I’m 48% Gay, Myself —

On My Mother’s Side.”

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These are such fun! Here’s hoping for a complete retrospective “directors commentary” on your past works so I can re-read along with them and gain new insights!

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No, You’re just A Clown.

A Lonely, Sad Little Clown, with a Weak Heart.

….who never had an original thought in his whole entire life.

— Heart •CRUSHED• —

Tea, anyone?

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I went back to read the original run of The Authority and whoo, boy--I don't want to be unkind, and I recognize the work should be read in context of its time, but Jesus Christ some of that dialogue has aged like fine milk.

"Doctor, we're the kind of hard-asses who crack jokes about missing kiddies on the back of milk cartons. Now hand over the baby or you're going to get the snot kicked out of you by America's premiere super-team."

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So good. Rereading the book along with these is such a fun experience.

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The "samurai in autumn" haiku is one I'll be repeating all day long, so thanks for that. Along with the "you're in hell... we're here to get you out."

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“…is Me doing Him.”

Me : Please, Now You’re only confusing My Assistant — Jo, it’s all Quite Simple : I am He, and He is Me.

Joe Grant : …..and We’re altogether, gü-goo-ki-chu..?

Me : Eh?

Jo Grant : It’s a song by The Beatles.

Him : Oh, really! How Does it Go…?•Toot!•

Me : Oh, DO Be Quiet!

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The premise that an emergent AI would mimetically imitate our lowest levels of online discourse has actual basis in our horrible reality. Consider the tragic story of Tay, the Twitter AI that Microsoft debuted and then unplugged in less than 16 hours, because the poor creature rapidly mutated into a sputtering font of racist logorrhea.

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Hi Grant. Great writeup as usual.

I have a question that I (and several others) hope you can address, on the off-chance that you do in fact read this comments and/or care to discuss it.

Near the end of The Invisibles, during one of the scenes where King Mob is in the phone booth talking to Jacqui, there is a sigil on the wall next to him that looks like a half-circle underneath a bracket.

Later, in Final Crisis, during the scene where Jimmy Olsen and others are loading up the Superman Rocket as their last-ditch time capsule, we can see on the the left a similar sigil, with a half-circle just over a similar bracket. This was important enough that the lettering on the panel was changed after the first printing of FC as the sigil was blocked by a world balloon initially.

An acquaintance/fellow fan has told me that someone once asked you about this, and that it was a Rising Sun spell that connected the Invisibles' world and the DC Universe gaining consciousness. They also said that they were told that there is a sigil that appeared between these two. However, none of us fans have been able to locate that sigil.

My question is: would you care to address this at some point in a column, and/or can we have a hint on where to look for that interstitial sigil?

Thanks much and really enjoying this newsletter so far!

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Semantics hyperlinks omni-deployed, Captain!

Even inspector spacetime found his way there.

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