It saddens me to know that sales and reception for this series were disappointing. I don’t want to get into a “how bland our culture has become” rant but this book deserved(s) better than it got.

The only consolation I can find is that, much like many other great works of art, I feel it will be appreciated properly in the fullness of time. Quality and truth endure.

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Can you do a New X-men annotations?

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Holy hell, this was a good read. So many Foods for Thoughts. From overreacting immune systems equating to our culture wars BS, to the idea of fighting evil being punching down! I'll be thinking about that all day.

Kudos too for all the references to older comics I can now go hunt for on DC Universe and Marvel Unlimited. I love when Grant gives me homework! Lol

I dont know why I didnt engage with the series as it ran monthly. I always collected the issues, but I think my Waiting for the Trades mentality has evolved into a Netflix era Waiting for the Run to be Over, so I can read the whole thing in one clip. It's getting harder and harder to retain information, so if there is any gap in a story, I find I either have to start over or risk missing something by flying blind into the remaining narrative.

As always, thanks again for these treats.

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I regret that after the brain-busting time-warp of S1, S2 left me a little cold. Then again, it was a time when our society, at least, was questioning the concept of Cops In The Media, and your Space-Cop didn't seem to be answering those questions, because you were too busy answering other ones.

When is LUDO, your novel, coming out? I read the Come-On for it, and it looked a helluva lot like "Apocalipstick" back in The Invisibles. Is there a connection?

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Hal Jordan isn’t a Policeman, he’s The Sheriff --

That’s The Difference.

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Love the insights You are So immersed in Your Worlds....

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K9: •Confirm• Confirm, strain C-531 has lethal capacity.

Tom : Thank you, K9.

Leela : I thought you didn't •like• Killing?

Tom : I Don’t.

LEELA: Then WHY are you doing all this?

Tom : The Virus has a •perfect• Right to Exist AS a Virus, •not• as a Giant Storm threatening The Entire Solar System -- Everything Has its Place.

Otherwise, The Delicate Balance of The Whole Cosmos is Destroyed.

LEELA: .....I STILL say We should blow It up.

[ well, that’s just Your Answer to •everything•, now, though, isn’t it..? ]

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We •all• know what the only cure is for The Invisible Enemy -- it’s The Tin Dog :

The Virus : I am The Virus of The Nucleus of The Swarm -- For millennia we have hung dormant in Space waiting for the right carriers to come along.

Tom : Carriers?!?

What do you mean, ‘carriers’?!

I'm not A Porter!!

The Virus: Consider the Human Species :

They send hordes of settlers across space to breed, multiply, conquer and dominate.

WE have as much right to conquer YOU as YOU have to strike out across the stars.

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“cytokine storm”...... Otherwise known as

“Not Knowing Where One’s Towel is” --

About this, The Guide has this to say :

“What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can't move, with no hope of rescue : --

[ Yes, just like Batman, Spider-Man, Jim Steranko, OR Shilo Norman ]

Consider how lucky you are that Life has been good to you so far.

Alternatively, if Life hasn't been good to you so far (which given your current circumstances seems more likely), consider how lucky you are that it won't be troubling you much longer.”

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I was reading a great book about another

immortal meta-canine Super-Dog

just the other day —

It was impossible to put down.

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This book is an incredible work of art, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading these remembrances of the process & thinking behind them. It absolutely saddens me to hear you confirm what I had suspected---that sales were less than stellar. Just as it saddens me to hear that this shall be your final DC jam. It's been a beautiful, trippy journey, one I am about to re-embark on! Thanks for the timeless Art!

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Dear Grant,

Thanks so much for your considerate response. Your words are mind mushrooms spreading new mycelic neural-pathways… “Gnostic Kree religion based on Jack Kirby.”! The idea of gnosticism penetrating a militaristic mindset, an army all receiving like-signals from Source, acting in tandem… undoubtedly ultimately realizing there is no enemy to fight… and inspired by Jack Kirby… just wow… may Marvel Boy 2 find its Kairos!

I can see how that idea would come up after your insight into small acts of kindness tipping the morpheogenetic field towards balance. In the context of a cosmic-corporate-virus scenero, each of us seeking to benefit-all-at-the-same-time can be seen as a part of an army combating the momentum of the “impotent old pricks down at the sauna.” While it’s true; when we act in concert we achieve infinitely more than on our own, it indeed all begins with each of us rising to the challenge of loving in the face of fear.

You have always inspired me to do that. Now, I would love to return the favor by offering you a reading. I have been steeping myself in the oracular traditions of Meso-America for over a quarter century, in particular the 20 Nawales of the Maya’s ritual calendar. More recently, I have been working through the Toltec I-Ching, by William Douglas Horden, an incredible tool for accessing our universal wisdom! Horden interprets the I-Ching in a way that empowers those existing in oppressive systems, as opposed to helping rulers rule. He also operates from a perspective of being on the precipice of an inevitable dawning Age of Peace, which I find heartening. I would be honored to act as a voice of the oracle for you, should you care to receive it. Feel free to reach me at jason.berube@hotmail. I’m confident we can turn those tears of yours into tears of joy ;)

I made you an Invisibles collage to express my gratitude for your contributions to my spiritual well-being. I’ll attach a pic here and will gladly mail it to you should you care to receive it. Either way, please know I appreciate you and I’ve got your back! May all be well in your world.




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You say nothing in the original stories' hints that the Hyperfamily was evil, but there first appearance had them brainwash Superboy and the Kents as part of an elaborate "rest" to see if they could be Superheroes, and Clark clearly was not okay with being gaslit for the whole issue. It was basically 20 pages of psychological torture.

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my god are you reading our minds?! (most likely) hearing "YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS." heard over and over again by loved ones in waking life tears my heart. im currently spending time with my jigsaw puzzle of a family and ive noticed a recurring theme of being "left at Hades' door". it's a strange phenomenon to have looked up to and still love and respect the people who (ive now come to terms with) have been using verbal abuse and manipulation to fill in the gaps of awkwardness that arises with meeting me again as young adult. in doing so, theyre trying use these "jokes" as a buffer for their own insecurities and would rather use their "evil" in ways that have to be accepted as "punching down"-- because the alternative is the harsh, unloving, abusive reality.

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the painful reality of the "culture wars" mentioned in your Ultrawar concept is something i havent seen much of spoken as clearly as you have. the very existence of someone countering this social discord when our familes have sunken so deep to the point where we're fetishized by them in our own homes. its tortuous to believe the people who care about you are capable of dealing so much harm, but ignoring the abuse allows for the cycle of abuse to continue. the only way to manage or fein sanity is to come from a place of careful and loving respect without neglecting our own self worth to this collective experience we share. its a viral balancing act that shouldnt have to happen but it seems so normalzied in every culture uplifting "white western ideals" (globally speaking)

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