I love how a direct line between Watchmen and the Ultimates was drawn here (and by Frank Quietly no less, whose Authority with Millar was an important intermediate stage) it's also ironic because Watchmen, both the stories and the characters tended to be anti -authoritarian while The Ultimates and the Pax is this story are US government.

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E-Space is Green -- because it’s full of Entropy.

E-Space is a swamp.

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THE MONITOR: Yes, Doctor, you were right. Our Numbers were holding The Fabric of The Universe together.

NYSSA: But how? Surely in A Closed System like The Universe, Entropy is •bound• to increase?

THE MONITOR: Certainly. The Universe long ago •passed• The Point of TOTAL Collapse.

Tom: ....PASSED The Point?!?

THE MONITOR: ....IF it had REMAINED closed -- But we have the means to •postpone• The Time.

THE MASTER: So that's why you adapted The Pharos Project.

THE MONITOR: Yes. We •opened• The System by creating VOIDS into OTHER Universes.

P.A.M. Dirac : Charged Vacuum Emboitments!

Tom: We passed through one of your voids, Monitor.

THE MONITOR: It all depended on our •continued• endeavours -- A temporary solution while the advanced research unit worked on a more permanent plan.

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I was confused when another update email showed up in my inbox. Hadn't I just left this blog? But, apparently, I'm allowed access here until this coming 6th of December.

Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my announcement that I'd be leaving Xanaduum. But I'm choosing to stand by the decision, and not return, after posting this reply. It was thanks to Arden's help that I realized just how deeply entrenched a pattern it is for me to latch onto a public figure whose works I admire, to whom I then proceed to hand over my own sense of self-worth.

As one could probably guess, this pattern has done me no favors, in the past. (It's also how I got a restraining order from Steven Spielberg at the tender age of 12, a fact which I'm not proud of-- but, that's a tale for another campfire.) I do hope we might be able to correspond sometime in the future, but not until I've found a way to transform my tendencies towards parasocial relationships into something more useful.

For what it's worth, the Grand Amplifier I mentioned to you has been figured out-- again, with Arden's help-- to be VICE News itself. Now, the whole online world knows that bigenital surgery is possible. I have no idea if this means my second message, the one meant for those other ideas-as-humans out there, was transmitted as well, but. I have a good feeling about it all, and I'm excited to see what happens from here.

I do have one request, before I depart. There's no time limit to it, and if you don't get around to it, no worries at all-- I'll take no offense.

But I would appreciate if you could mail back the five Pokemon tarot cards I sent you, to the address written on the self-addressed stamped envelope I enclosed. Those cards were so excited to meet you; I could feel the sparkles lifting off of each of them. But, like I wrote on the envelope they came in, I'd like them back someday.

[gives you a curtsey] Sorry for any inconvenience this request might cause you. But thank you, so much, for all the help you've given me. I give you my permission, here in writing, to use anything I've written here in Xanaduum (not counting the design of the little gas-masked child whose image I linked to), however you choose. Crediting to me is optional. It's my hope you may find some use from what I've had the pleasure of sharing.

This has been Hyde, aka The Benevolent Un-Coincidence, signing out. ❤️

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