Since we've dipped a toe in Alan Moore's swamp, I'd like to present my half baked theory that Grant Morrison & Alan Moore are a dichotomous pair caught in a Discordian entanglement!

"Their duality is explicitly evident even in just the plain fact of their contrasting visages, the mythically shaggy Alan Moore and the gleamingly shorn Grant Morrison. Though perhaps their oddly iterative surnames are the more obvious tell? I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that the word “Magis” is a Latin word that means 'more.'"

Maybe checkout "The Tao of Alan Moore & Grant Morrison" for even more :)))


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“Buckminster Fuller, a rare individual, has spent more time, at the invitation of Congress, before Congressional hearings than any other individual, with the probable exception of Admiral Rickover, advising Congress on different issues relating to The Government.

But interestingly enough, he has spent more time in The Kremlin as an advisor to The Soviets than he has in our own Congress. He worked with President Kubitschek in setting up the new Brazil -- A RARE individual.

A man who knows The World and knows The Leaders of The World. He writes about a "Power elite," and that the apparent leaders, as we see them throughout the world, are certainly national leaders, but they're not the top echelon, The High Cabal.

In History you will find that The Chinese, as far back as 2,000 years ago, speak of a High Cabal that they call The "Gentry" -- and that The Chinese seem to have accepted that as a fact of life. Even though they had their Emperors and their Monarchs and leaders, they realized there's an echelon above that which directs some of the events that other people know nothing about.

It's Fuller who hits the nail on the head. He says that the secret of The High Cabal is -- of course, it's Control of Power, but it is also the understanding that their most valuable asset is anonymity: that nobody can identify them.

In that sense, you begin to talk, you begin to think: "Maybe they're just like angels or like ghosts, people say they're there, but, are they really?" “

-- Fletcher Prouty

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In hindsight, the Boomerish characterization of the establishment does not seem completely fair.

Movies that were written for adults in the 1950s are extremely mature and aware of the limitations of Americanism. They just reject a Manichean worldview. Even a minor comedy, like 'A Foreign Affair', presented a fairly complex portrait of humanity.

The problem was that the kids were raised with siloed entertainment that showed the world as 'white hats' and 'black hats'. The culture still hasn't recovered from them learning that Dad (and Grandpa) had done bad things in the service of what they perceived as the greater good.

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Yet again a fantastic and enlightening set of ‘directors comments’ - hoping these go back to some early projects.

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the tripping darlings has a nice ring to it 🧚‍♂️✨

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“I was fascinated by the way the ethos of Star Trek, a vision of the human future as infinitely expansive, had its ideological counter in The Walking Dead’s world of cancelled potential and existential futility.”

Well.... By Trek canon, Zephram Cochrane makes the first successful flight of his warp-drive test module, the Phoenix at 10am on April 5th 2063....

World War III is scheduled to begin in 2026 (although there may now be some dispute about that), last until 2053, after which things then suddenly get •really• bad, with the ‘Post-Atomic Horror’, and mass-cullings of the genetically-wounded survivor populations.

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ive never had the chance to get my hands on any issues of multiversity- but then again it's always love at first archetypal analysis for me anyways. cant wait to be able to afford to read these wonderful stories youve woven for this iverse.

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