“I think about Nietzsche a lot. I know what the Overman is. I know I can endure without killing

anybody because I’m always close. Some people don’t have any decency or respect.

When we’re out and we see a guy like that, I’m thinking I wish he would say something to my wife. I’d blow his brains out. Those people are out there, but I got to stop thinking that way, I’m trying to restrain that, to be the new guy, but how much of my balls do I have to cut off to be this new guy?”

-- Mike Tyson

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One of the biggest losses, from someone who loves 70s DC, is that the Implosion killed the SSOSV vs Freedom Fighters cross-over. Although you can see the remnants in the Canceled Comics Cavalcade.

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On the next page he recreates Sam’s famous pose from James M. Flagg’s 1917 recruitment poster urging Americans to join the war against who else but Germany – but here the stern head-masterly call to individual action becomes the pointing finger of a collective accusation aimed directly at Germanica – ‘We want you! To pay for your crimes!’

- i remember loving this part XD

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