The Multiversity is my favorite DC series to date. A return to the 52 worlds by you and your many contributors over the years would be excellent for long time readers of your DC Multiverse plans, alas. Imagine if Phil Jimenez, Jill Thompson, and even yourself drew some of the issues! Oh, what a glorious ride that would be. Thank you again, Grant. Always happy to read these annotations.

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This is excellent and exciting. Multiversity was a key text in terms of how I framed my PHD thesis on superhero comics. I did a superhero comics in Australia piece for The Guardian and I wanted to include Thunderer and Martian Munhunter in Australia from JLA, but couldn't fit them into my top ten - https://www.theguardian.com/books/2022/jul/11/the-10-greatest-moments-of-marvel-and-dc-comics-to-happen-in-australia-sorted

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“A place of gathering and learning at the centre of the Orrery of Worlds.”

Ah -- Room-237.

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52 was such a fantastic weekly read wasn't it? So many great stories. I would have loved it if those follow-up books had worked out.

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Multiversity is definitely one of your greatest creations, Grant.

Is the character T.A a total piss-take? Tits and Ass? Literally saying she’s a generic female Marvel character? Total guess, but you never know?

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It is baffling that no one wanted to pick up on ANY of this....enough ideas established for at least a century of further stories.

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I entirely understand why --

They are afraid of breaking them.

I would be.... I •am•.

Well.... Respectfully intimidated.... Not afraid.

Like a rare and precious, impossibly ancient thing (that you know and feel doesn’t •really• belong to you), which are ultra cautious and hesitant to pick up, despite it being quite obviously not in any sense fragile or readily breakable.

GrantEd, as avatars for some pretty deep-level, oftentimes •fundamental• they might not be actually be particularly complicated creatures to work out, but the point is, they certainly do not LOOK it -- from the outside, they look, for all of their quirks and idiosyncratic, fine, granular level of detail like things that are (or might be, for the average reader/budding secondary author, almost •impossibly• difficult to figure-out and get a proper authorial handle on -- just TOO intimidating, and perhaps more importantly, FAR TOO COSTLY to risk having a go and messing it up by getting it wrong, to “ruin” the whole concept for entitled fanboy commenters.

.....I mean, it makes perfect sense to •me•

why the Chimp Co-Pilot and HGA should be •Pirate•-Chimp (as opposed to a Chimp Pirate, that is), but I recognise and know full-well that for any of those to whom it •doesn’t•, such folk have absolutely no needful desire of hearing me try to somehow explain it to them --

Probably for much the same reason that The Blind Hermit felt the need to teach The Prodigal Frankenstein how to smoke.

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Since you bring it up here, I've been wondering since 2014 - was Essential Major inspired by Marvel's Essential volumes, the big cheap black-and-white reprints that were a staple of the 90s and 00s?

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